a.The title of the Fund shall be the “Cumbria Bolt Fund”, hereinafter called the Fund


a.The overall objectives of the Fund shall be to assist in ensuring that  protection bolts placed on crags in Cumbria are safe.

b.This will be achieved by :-

i.The replacement of old bolts on crags in Cumbria with new and correctly placed bolts

ii.Assist in the control of bolting and rebolting of crags in Cumbria

iii.Promotion of good practice in placement of bolts

c.The placement of bolts on crags in Cumbria should comply with generally accepted practice in the area determined by the climbing fraternity through the Lakes Area of the British Mountaineering Council

d.Activities undertaken to contribute to the achievement of one or more of the following objectives :-

i.        Educate individuals in the correct placement of bolts

ii.        Set up a database of individuals recognised to be involved in bolting

iii.       Coordinate and arrange fund raising to cover the cost of bolts and related items

iv.       Bolting activities will be on crags which will be available for use by all climbers.


a.The Fund has been formed under the auspices of the Lakes Area  of the British Mountaineering Council 

b.Membership of the Fund is open to individuals who must have attended a Workshop, organised by the Fund, which demonstrates good practice at bolt placement


a.The Fund shall be managed and directed by an Executive Committee

b.The Executive Committee shall be made up of :-

i.        Chairman

ii.       Secretary

iii.      Treasurer

c.The Fund will acquire bolts as well as equipment for the placement of bolts.  These will be under the control of the Executive Committee of the Fund 

d.The Executive Committee shall be elected annually from among is membership who will be responsible for the correct management and control of any funds held by the Fund and for arranging the annual inspection of relevant accounts.

e.Accounts for the Fund will be prepared annually with an accounting date to 31 December.


a.There shall be no fee for membership of the Fund

b.In the event of the termination of the Fund the British Mountaineering Council will be responsible for any inescapable commitments and any surplus will be transferred to the British Mountaineering Council.

c.The Fund will endeavor to attracting funding and grants as appropriate to cover the cost of bolting crags.


Any changes to the Constitution must be agreed at General Meetings of the Lakes Area of the British                                         Mountaineering Council

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