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Though the advice of the BMC and extensive research in cumbria we have chosen to use Bolt Products for our supplier of bolts. Jim’s bolts are the best on the market for lifespan and strength however they do take longer to place than other bolts!


Exceptional strength in a compact form with unrivalled pull-out resistance and the lowest visual impact of any bolt on the market. Eye takes karabiner and 11mm rope or two karabiners.


The top bolt has a ring to stands at 90° to the rock for chafe-free running of the rope. The eye is dimensioned to take additional karabiners and specially angled so that in use the back of the ring rests on the rock in use eliminating flexing of the bolt. The loose ring will rotate in use reducing wear and extending its life.

The bottom bolt has a standard lower-off or belay bolt with 35mm I/D dropped eye. Strong, simple and ideal for most routes. Large eye allows for multiple carabiners and doubled threading the rope.
(Not suitable for regular use as toprope anchor unless fitted with maillons).


Specifically designed for use in aggressive environments such as in contact with sea water and spray these are the strongest, most corrosion resistant bolts available.

These are manufactured from the highest quality corrosion resistant stainless steel Bolt Products can source, 1.4462 duplex stainless steel, passivated and then all exposed parts polished.
This grade of steel is recommended as having the highest corrosion resistance in a marine environment combined with industrial pollution by the German Stainless Steel Information Centre.

You will see only one bolt. Don’t panic!!! the bolt is extra long and therefore extra strong, ensure you check the bolt before lowering off.

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