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The Works

You can join the Works Facebook group at -  https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheWorksDrytooling/

'First Blood' at the Works  [photo - Steve Ashworth]

With a growing interest in Dry-tooling to train for winter climbing and as a sport in its own right great venues have been getting developed like White Goods in Wales and the original UK venue at Newtyle Quarry in Scotland.  Following the 'Winter Ethics' debate there was a feeling amongst many that a Lakeland venue would be a good thing.  This feeling may not be shared by all but hopefully having a dedicated venue confined to a couple of disused quarries with no existing rock climbs established will help to control dry-tooling and avoid people using crags with established rock routes to tool on.  As well as controlling dry-tooling damage, the other aim was to offer a good quality venue with a good range of routes for climbers to train on for the winter and get a feeling for what dry-tooling is all about. 

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