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If you want to get involved with the activities of the bolt fund, we're always glad of the help. Keep an eye on our Facebook events for bolting parties and workshops you can come along to and get involved. The following information and videos for bolters will show you the work involved. But we require any volunteers to attend one or more workshops to be individually trained before they are allowed to take out bolt fund equipment by themselves.

There are now 4 sets of bolting equipment for the Cumbria Bolt Fund, the equipment will always be held with our two committee members, one in the north Lakes area with Ron Kenyon and with Dan Robinson in the South Lakes area. Before you can use the equipment you must have attended training, be competent at rigging techniques and be aware of the following:

Access and permmisions

Before we can go bolt a crag we must have permission from the landowner. You will be asked which route on which crag you are intending to bolt, there will be no bolting of routes that are not approved, nor extra bolting of “classic scare route’s”. 

Bolting equipment

You will be given the kit when you ask for it and expected to bring it back when you have finished and not just hand it on. Make a request to the number of bolts you will require for each route. Spares will be given with a couple of longer bolts for placements in poor rock.

Route recording

After completion of a route you will be expected to let the chair know what route has been bolted and how many bolts have been placed. All equipment to then return to the central place with a resin sample named up for that route.


To show the work and techniques that go into installing every bolt that the Bolt Fund place, we have created a series of short videos.

These are not designed to be stand-alone educational videos and anyone practicing bolting should seek individual training from experienced or qualified persons before attempting anything you see in these clips.

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